New Blog Announcement: The ALT Investor

New Blog Announcement: The ALT Investor

Hi Reader! As you might have noticed, we have been inactive for some time on Trade With Python. Our last article was in fact in Nov 2021 (almost two years now) but the blog has remained very strong and is a go-to read for anything AlgoTrading related in the Indian market. 80% of our traffic still comes from Google organically even after no activity on the blog which is amazing!

You might think given the performance has been so good in a niche category, why did we stop blogging, well this was primarily for two reasons:

  1. Personal Bandwidth: Believe it or not, writing any technical article is no small task, myself, Utkarsh and Shreyans used to spend days researching articles, trying out codes and making it simpler which was easy to understand for readers. We slowly moved up in our careers and personal lives giving us less time to work on these detailed blogs.

  2. We fulfilled our objective. We started the blog with the mindset to educate readers who work in finance to get started with Python and also the other way around. We have tons of basic articles on learning Python and the courses we recommend to do. We also have some basic articles on how to clean, and process data for algo trading purposes and those blogs are still very relevant.

Hence, we wanted to quickly write this blog to thank each one of our readers and especially the subscribers of our blog. The blog not only helped our readers but also us as writers in our professional journey where people identified and recognized us for the work we did and we are very grateful for that!

We also wanted to let you know that this blog will be merged with our new blog (The ALT Investor) in the coming days and hence the subscribers list will be merged too. If you would like to unsubscribe from the lists, please do so we don't spam you with the other blog's content if it's not relevant to you but I hope you stick around.

What are we doing with THE ALT INVESTOR?

The Alt Investor is a new passion project we have started to educate retail investors (specifically in India) about the alternative investment category. Our detailed blogs talk about various investment structures/products and the risks and returns associated with them.

P.S. we are not selling anything via our blog, again these are free educational content to read just like this blog was. Our aim is to stop the mis-selling of these products happening in the Indian markets. Not all products/structures are equal and we want to spread that knowledge by showing you the facts so you can take a call on where and when to invest. Our goal is simple! For you to NOT LOSE your hard-earned money!

We have already written on some fantastic topics and have received fantastic responses across our social media handles, we would love to have you as a reader on the new blog as well. The blog indeed is very India-specific, however, the core concepts on how the instruments/structures/assets work is the same across borders.

Some of our very important articles are mentioned below, feel free to give them a read and subscribe to the newsletter if you find it any good. If it's not good, please also give us some feedback. You can personally reach out to me here.

And many more such blogs in the pipeline discussing some very important concepts, feel free to explore The ALT Investor.

Thanks for helping our blog become popular! We'll move our newsletter by Sunday (20th Aug 2023), and we hope you'll join the new one. If not, please unsubscribe before Sunday!

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